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Tom Catmull's Radio Static: Home

Hey there!  Welcome to the home of Radio Static.  I have something that I need to tell you INSTANTLY, BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER!!!!  We have new singles we've just released and they are available below!  Also at...


  These are the FIRST of many singles we'll be releasing this summer.  They are "pay what you want", until the next two come out.  THEN, they will cost you a whole dollar each.  But the newest pair will be "pay what you want".  And it will go on like that until we've done finished that there thing that we like to do.(write, arrange, play, record, release, make celebratory waffles).  So, download these puppies! Then(I'm feeling quite directorial at this moment), sign up for the email list because I'm sending out little love notes every time we release another pair of downloads.  You could potentially have an ENTIRE ALBUM for NOTHING!  AND, we would be very happy if you did.  We like money, but we like our music in your hands much more than that.  Thank you for arriving at the website!  We hope to see you out there at a show soon!