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The Myrna Soundstage - Tom Catmull’s Last Resort Band & Travis Yost

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The Myrna Soundstage: Ep. 3 - Live Premiere (YouTube), 15 N Ewing St, , Helena, MT

This is the premier of episode 3 of the Myrna Soundstage featuring US!!! And a solo performance by our own Travis Yost! Songs, interviews,'s got it all, I tell ya! Click the URL at 7pmMST on Thursday night, November 19th for a live stream of the premier itself including an introduction by John Dendy, the host(...also an amazing songwriter and performer!).

Live and Lonesome(ceptin' the cactus)!

Your kitchen counter!, Missoula, MT

Streaming solo again from the front room. This show is an hour early so I can obsess over the final presidential debate afterwards. It's a strange addiction. And I need help. But keep me company for an hour beforehand, won't you?

Anaconda likes beer and summer. I'll be sitting between those two things and trying to blend in. Join me?

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Smelter City Brewing, 101 Main St, Anaconda, MT

They've got a big open air section in the front, a patio on the side, great beer and friendly servers. Bring your fine self. Distance drinking at it's finest.

Concierto Con THE LAST RESORT!!!!

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Your kitchen counter!

The full band live stream featuring Jesse Netloff, Jaime Rogers, Travis Yost and yours truly! You in? Bring your fine self!

Tom Catmull and the Electric Cactus!

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Tom's Basement!

I have a battery operated cactus that lights up. I also have songs. You get BOTH!

Missoula SequsterFest

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Musiciann's Living Rooms!, Missoula

Missoula musicians are coming together to provide all our live-show deprived hearts with an epic live streaming event! Watch the Facebook livestreams each hour and follow the link to the next artist’s Facebook page! Each artist will post their Venmo for a tip jar-–support the event and your local artists! 🎶 Who said social distancing had to be boring?? 🎶 Here are the artists pages in order of appearance (will add as we receive from musicians)

12-1 The Mighty Travis

1-2 Tom Catmull

2-3 John Floridis

3-4 Night Blooming Jasmine

4-5 Larry Hirshberg

5-5:15 Marlene Hutchins

5:15-5:30 Kimberlee Carlson

5:30-5:45 Teri Llovett

5:45-6 Grace Decker

6-7 Chase and the Known Associates

7-8 Wailing Aaron Jennings

8-9 Nate Biehl and Caroline Keys

9-10 Don Teschner and Nina Shyne

10-11 ptesseract

11-12 Ryan Bundy

Venmo accounts are the musician's virtual "tip jars."

Artwork by Marlene Hutchins


Tom Catmull and Travis Yost, Streaming Set 2!

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Travis's Living Room

This might just turn into a regular Thursday night event in Travis's living room. He's got the gear, the skills, and he's ridiculously fun to play music with. Also, in lieu of any live shows, the streaming shows with "virtual tip jar" is closest replacement I've seen to playing directly in front of you fine people. And in a way, it's kind of close up and, which is kind of what many of us are craving at this very moment. So, please come. Tips not expected, but welcomed.

Live Stream with Travis Yost on Tom Catmull Music Facebook Page!

Travis's Living Room, Missoula

Due to the NUTSY SITUATION outside, we're streaming an hour long show from Travis's living room. Please come! Leave a Venmo or Paypal tip if you like. Or don't. But please come. Musicians across the globe are out of work, so we're entering I'm jumping into this new world for a couple of reasons. 1. I need to play music. Um, it's kind of my thing. Not to be TOO dramatic, but it's right up there with food and water. 2. Music is how is about 2/3 of how I make a living. So, I am literally trying to find out how viable the online music business is. Let's find out together! See you on the ol' interwebs!

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